All of Belliss & Morcom compressors are supported with a warranty. The standard warranty program is 12 months from the date of commissioning or 18 months following dispatch from the factory, whichever is earliest. 

It is essential for you to register the compressor on our website or through your supplier so we have all the correct information in the unlikely event you should experience any issues. 

To maintain the warranty on your compressor you must: 


  • Follow the service recommendations using only genuine parts and lubricants 

  • Use Belliss & Morcom service trained engineers to carry out all service work 

  • Maintain the running parameters of the original compressor package 


Failure to do so will invalidate your warranty and may lead to expensive repairs 

Belliss & Morcom’s high pressure air compressors have been engineered to provide years of stable operation; however, even the most reliable machines require regular service and maintenance. That is why we offer a range of service contracts and extended warranty offers in line with your particular budget and application requirements. For complete details on the range of options available for the Belliss & Morcom ranges contact your local sales representative.  


Belliss Xtra - The Ultimate Compressor System Protection Program 

For the Belliss & Morcom range, we offer BellissXtra which provides you with complete peace of mind by eliminating the risk of unforeseen costs associated with your air compressor; allowing you to focus your attention and investment on the future of your plant and operations. 

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Belliss & Morcom’s compressors have been designed to provide many years of operation. However, even the most reliable products require regular servicing and maintenance. That is why we provide a lifetime warranty - BellissXtra. Our aim is to offer complete peace of mind for your compressor operations, and to eliminate the risk of any unforeseen costs, so that you can focus your attention and any future investment on your plant and operations. 




  • A simple, straightforward contract. 

  • Unlimited operating hours on the compressor. 

  • 100% original spare parts – with proven performance and reliability. 

  • Low cost scheduled maintenance, carried out by factory trained technicians. 

Only one service required each year, depending on model, increasing compressor availability. 



  • Parts stocked locally to minimise downtime. 

  • Interactive and proactive compressor monitoring. 

  • Elimination of unexpected repair costs. 

  • Immediate cover on all compressor and package components. 

  • Optimum compressor performance and high operating efficiency. 

  • Long term reliability. 

  • Improved operational visibility. 

  • Dedicated support staff.