Oil-Free, High-Pressure Reciprocating Compressor Technology

Belliss & Morcom Reciprocating Compressor Working Principle

Reciprocating compressors are a type of positive displacement compressors and are commonly seen in industrial settings. They use crankshaft-driven pistons to compress gases and deliver them at high pressures reaching up to ~600PSIG. Both single-stage and multi-stage variants are available.


Belliss & Morcom’s unique ‘W’ cylinder design means that each compression stage runs on its own cylinder line. This increases compressor reliability, efficiency and longevity.

Belliss & Morcom Reciprocating Compressor Operation

 reciprocating compressors

The unique diagonal design of our reciprocating compressors practically removes the need for costly interim servicing and maintenance. Elements requiring regular maintenance such as horizontal cylinder lines and belt drive systems have been removed. The diagonal frame design requires no external supports for structural integrity or vibration dampening and minimizes wear and tear.

shaftless motor 

With the ‘V’ and ‘W’ configurations, primary unbalanced forces are non-existent and secondary forces are negligible. Belliss & Morcom reciprocating compressors feature a 45 and 60 degree incline. The advantages of such configurations are a longer bearing life, quieter operation and lower operating costs. 

The use of a shaftless motor practically eliminates all major drive system maintenance requirements. For example, there is no need for belt tensioning or replacement, motor alignment and coupling checks and services. This design solution also ensures unrivalled efficient power transmission.

Air and Heat Recovery

Belliss & Morcom high-pressure reciprocating compressors can be equipped with air and heat recovery features to bring major energy savings.

The air recovery system accommodates pressure returned from blow moulding machines that can be recycled through the compressor. 

The heat recovery system has been developed for PET compressors. The compressors’ cooling system can be modified to provide water with a temperature of around 80 °C. This water can be used to pre-heat water for the heating system. As a result, the energy load is reduced delivering savings of 22% to 30% of the compressor motor rating kW.

Air and Heat Recovery
The heat recovery system

Key Strengths of Belliss & Morcom Reciprocating Compressors

Belliss & Morcom’s oil-free, high-pressure reciprocating compressors are engineered to provide you with:

  • Unrivalled durability with the ability to perform in the harshest environments
  • Low power consumption, through the use of energy-efficient equipment ensuring lower operating costs
  • Space-saving potential enabled by the compressors’ compact footprint
  • Balanced operation with no need for external supports or anti-vibrational mounts 
  • Half load capability allows for reduced power consumption in partial load conditions
  • Minimized maintenance costs due to the use of a shaftless motor
  • High operating efficiency that results in maximum compressor and plant performance